Iron & Resin X New Legend - Custom International Scout II

1972 International Scout II Runner Series
Iron & Resin X New Legend 4x4


Iron_And_Resin_Custom_International_Scout_II_Moto-Mucci (14).jpg

The crew at Iron & Resin teamed up with New Legend, a company specializing in resto-modding vintage 4x4's, to build their ultimate adventuremobile. It's a 1972 International Scout II grafted to a modern chassis with a 5.3L LS motor and 4L65 4 speed trans. The interior has been redesigned with the Horween leather and canvas I&R uses on many of it's products. Up top there's a Front Runner Outfitters roof rack with fold out ladder tent. The RakAttach Swing Arm Moto Mount out back is pretty killer. It opens up all kinds of possibilities for vintage getaway vehicles; where I used to think a pickup or cargo van were the only way to haul bikes. She's for sale, with all her original patina intact. Hit the link above to read more.