Bros Dirt Out: Our Weekend In Joshua Tree / Johnson Valley

While the femmes babe'd out in Joshua Tree this past weekend myself and a few significant others tagged along with knobbies in tow. We stuffed 3 bikes in the back of our Frontier rental truck and headed towards Johnson Valley to meet up with the guys of WLF Enduro. About 45min outside of Joshua Tree, Johnson Valley is 188,000 acres (300 sq. miles) of OHV park. In the same day we were able to hit narrow stone walled passes, rocky mountain trails and rolling sand dunes. I've never lived close to terrain like this, or had much seat time on a dirt bike, so my available skill level was continuously maxed out. I can't say enough positive things about the crew from WLF Enduro. This was their backyard. Those dudes were there at every substantial obstacle giving pointers about speed, body position, and which line to take. They even brought beer-mosas and guac for our lunch break. WLF should seriously think about offering a tour service. If you're in the CA area check out their event schedule. They put together multiple rides a year to raise money for and clothe children in need. 

@WLFenduro  |  Photo's by WLF Enduro & myself