Thrive MC's Custom Honda CB250 "T-009"

T 009
1984 CB250 N
Thrive MC, Jakarta

Thrive MC continues to blow me away with how much their skillset and creativity evolves over each build.  I really dig their integration of modern design touches, like the attention to logos and branding. Each bike gets it's own identity. The T009 was built for a friend of theirs who owns a tattoo shop called Thinking Tree. The parlor's logo can be seen on the left side of the tank. The bike's theme was derived from the movie District 9, meaning it's intent was to be raw, utilitarian and futuristic. Details like the tail light with it's pill-shaped open reflector definitely drive that super-future vibe home. The mesh fairing guard with spray painted numbering is reminiscent of the military vehicles seen in the flick. It's a great blend of styles and I think they really nailed it. That tank top view is certainly desktop worthy. 

K100 Seat Foam Shaping

I wrapped up the seat pan fabrication recently so it was time to start shaping the foam. Here are some process shots. Unfortunately I don’t have specs on the foam type. I bought it years ago in a big roll from a local upholsterer. It’s a med/firm density. I use 3M High Strength 90 spray adhesive to bond the foam to the pan and itself.  The rough shaping I do by electric carving knife. You’ll want one that’s 130 watts or more. I’ve burnt out a few 100W knives. The refined contouring I do with an angle grinder and flap wheel. Upholstery glue only sticks to powder coat and raw metal so if your pan is mild steel get it powdered before sticking the foam down. Otherwise the pan will rust once the foam takes on moisture. 


Custom_Motorcycle_Seat_Foam_Carving_Moto-Mucci 2
Custom Motorcycle Seat Foam Carving_Moto-Mucci 3
Custom Motorcycle Seat Foam Carving_Moto-Mucci 4
Custom Motorcycle Seat Foam Carving_Moto-Mucci 5

I measure and draw out a center line and cross lines to help keep things symmetric. After those are chopped off I'll lay down contour lines to follow with the flap wheel. 

Custom Motorcycle Seat Foam Carving_Moto-Mucci 6
Custom Motorcycle Seat Foam Carving_Moto-Mucci 7
Custom Motorcycle Seat Foam Carving_Moto-Mucci 8
Custom Motorcycle Seat Foam Carving_Moto-Mucci 9
Custom Motorcycle Seat Foam Carving_Moto-Mucci 10

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Husqvarna's 2018 701 Svartpilen Tracker Concept

SEO gold was laid out last week at EICMA in the form of Husqvarna's 701 Svartpilen Tracker.

You have my full attention.

Husqvarna's 701 Vitpilen is slated to go on sale early 2018. I can only hope the Svartpilen and Vitpilen Aero aren't far behind. Between the Svart & Vitpilen 701 and 401 street models and the 701 SuperMoto, Husqy's 2018 lineup is no joke.