We'll work with you on a custom motorcycle design, refined through multiple rounds of development.
At the end of the project you'll receive a build proposal including:

  • High quality 12x18" print of your one-off design rendering

  • Call out sheet showing the specifications and features of your concept

  • Detailed cost and timeline estimates

The cost of this package can be put towards the quoted build cost in the proposal.
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ONE-OFF PARTS: $2,000 - $10,000

Looking to punch up your motorcycle with a few parts designed specifically for your bike? It could be anything from a high-flow stainless exhaust system to a modern front end swap with custom CNC triple clamp. The cost of this service includes a short design phase up front to work out the best solution for your bike. Describe a bit about the look you want to achieve in the message box.

FULL BIKE BUILD: starting at $20,000

 A one-off, ground up, transformation to your machine. Every build begins with the Design Concept phase listed above. Cost can vary widely depending on a series of factors. The final design will be presented in a range of budget options to choose from.


(+) THE BASICS The foundation of every build is an overall visual transformation with minimally invasive modifications. This is usually paint, upholstery, controls, “bolt-on” parts and mild performance modifications like custom exhaust and enhanced tuning.

(+1) MODERN FRONT END Upgraded inverted forks and braking matched to your machine.

(+2) MODERN FRONT AND REAR A front and rear end boost to suspension and braking.

(+1) CUSTOM BODY WORK This is referring to major components like a custom gas tank, fairing, or other large body customizations.

(+1) ENGINE REBUILD / UPGRADE Whether refreshing a vintage power plant or punching more power out of your modern motor.

(+1) THE BARN FIND TAX For when you just woke some gem from a 10 year slumber.

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Every bike is tailored to it's owner. What are you into? How will you use it?
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