We'll work with you on a custom motorcycle design, refined through multiple rounds of development.
At the end of the project you'll receive a build proposal including:

  • High quality 12x18" print of your one-off design rendering
  • Call out sheet showing the specifications and features of your concept
  • Detailed cost and timeline estimates

The cost of this package can be put towards the quoted build cost in the proposal.
Kickoff the DCP here.

CUSTOM PARTS: $2,000 - $10,000

Looking to punch up your motorcycle with a few custom parts? It could be anything from a high-flow stainless exhaust system to a modern front end swap with custom CNC triple clamp. The cost of this service includes a short design phase up front to work out the best solution for your bike. Describe a bit about the look you want to achieve in the message box.

STAGE 1 BIKE BUILD: $12,000 - $19,000

STAGE 2 BIKE BUILD: $20,000 - $24,000

STAGE 3 BIKE BUILD: $25,000 - $29,000

STAGE 4 BIKE BUILD: $30,000 +


(STAGE 1) MOTO-MUCCI DESIGN PACKAGE A one-off aesthetic transformation to your machine that covers most areas not listed below. This is our signature touch and the foundation of every build. Everything in the DCP above is included.

Tally up additional features below to estimate your build stage. Ex. Stage 1 with a modern front end becomes a Stage 2. There are many factors that play into cost so this should only be seen as a rough estimate. Use the form to shoot a message over describing what you're looking for and we can discuss your project in more detail. 

(+1) MODERN FRONT END Upgraded inverted forks and braking matched to your machine.

(+2) MODERN FRONT AND REAR A front and rear end boost to suspension and braking.

(+1) CUSTOM BODY WORK This is referring to major components like a custom gas tank, fairing, or other large body customizations.

(+1) ENGINE REBUILD / UPGRADE Whether refreshing a vintage power plant or punching more power out of your modern motor.

(+1) THE BARN FIND TAX Just woke some gem from a 10 year slumber?

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Every bike is tailored to it's owner. What are you into? How will you use it?
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