GEAR: ATWYLD Women's Motorcycle Apparel

Women's Motorcycle Gear
A review by Kara Pierce (words) and Jenny Linquist (photos)

via the Dreamroll women's motorcycle campout.

If the motorcycle community were a high school, which it sometimes feels like, the ATWYLD girls would be the homecoming queens that didn't ask to be nominated. You knowww, the girls you're kinda jealous of but want to be besties with. The only shit you can talk is, "are they actually that nice?" The answer is a deafening yes.

In addition to big smiles, they're also genuinely enthusiastic about their brand and just want to share it with other women. My visit to the ATWYLD booth at the Dreamroll was complete with free patches and several Alltime Moto Jacket fittings. Those sleeves felt like cool butter whipped by angels against my skin. I kept coming back for more. Everything about the brand is thoughtful because they're actually riders with legit experience in art and fashion design. The gear implements stretch, Kevlar, and padding with consideration for women's bodacious bods. The S, M, and L jacket all fit me depending on how I'd want to wear it and the riding jeans stretch to hug those lady curves. But first, my heart eyes are set on that Convoy Armored Shirt to save my bones while I learn how to dirt bike.
In summary, class, if you're new to the women's moto campouts and aren't the type to ditch class or smoke in the bathroom - go find the ATWYLD booth.

Some of our favorites from the ATWYLD Line:

Alltime Moto Jacket - $650

CONVOY Armored Shirt - $175

Commuter Moto Jeans - $310

Shred Moto Jeans - $389