Seeley MKII Racing Norton

This is one of the most beautiful vintage race bikes I have ever seen.

Kenny Cummings and Dan Rose set out to build a period correct interpretation of the Seeley MkII Racing Norton track bike, with the intention of putting it on the podium by the end of the year. The build was featured on season 2 of Cafe Racer TV, meaning I now must purchase this DVD series.

The 750cc Norton Combat engine was worked over, to put down 70hp. Given that the bike tips the scale at only 300lbs, it should move rather quickly. The frame was built by a man named Roger Titschmarsh, in the UK, whose work was personally approved by Collin Seeley himself. The braze welding of the frame components is outstandingly gorgeous, and the unit weighs in at a feathery 24lbs.

For the laundry list of customization and specs, visit the Seeley Norton build site.