SHOP CLASS: SR250 Tail Light Modification

For this past week's shop class I decided to modify the tail light I got from Dime City Cycles.
Here's how the light came from DCC:

I started by sandblasting the part back down to raw metal and cutting off the L bend in the mount. I also removed the license plate bracket since I won't be using it.

I've done this before so I grabbed the previous foot I made from flat stock. It had some pock marks I needed to fill in (above) and then grind smooth (below).

After smoothing the finish I threw it on the mill and cleaned up the counter sunk holes that will hold some flush mount allen key bolts. This will be the same mounting technique seen on the front fender and heat shield.

I TIG'd the cleaned up foot to the shortened bracket - 1/2" removed from the height.

I smoothed the weld out then put the housing into the blasting box and shot it with glass bead. The glass gives an amazing finish that almost looks like satin silver paint.

It's all back together for the time being. Later on this piece will go to the powdercoater.