BARN FIND HONDA: The Honda Dream 150 CA95 Gets a Bath

Given the 78 miles on the odometer and the history I've collected from this bike, this is likely the first wash it's had in 40+ years. Remarkably the tubes in the tires still held air, however the tires themselves were literally crumbling off. We threw her into the pick-up bed and brought her to the car wash to blast off all the leaves, dirt and straw that had accumulated. Her pending new owner, Lauren, came by for a test fit and everything went well. This CA95 may be next on the build report - a restoration with some tasteful updates. Stay tuned!

GARAGE: Rescuing a Honda Benly

Helping friends move can have it's perks.
I helped move someone into their new apt recently who just happened to have an early 60's Honda Benly that's been sitting in their garage for 10 years now. 

"You can just have it for helping me move in. My parents have been asking me to get it out of the garage for years."

Not to look a gift bike in the carbs, I'll be picking up this condition unknown moto tomorrow after work.

What I've been told about the bike:

- It's a 1961 or 62
- The owner has told me it's a "Benly" "Baby Dream" "150cc"
Some of the above info conflicts so it's still a bit of a guess.
- Hasn't run in about 10 years - parked in a garage.
- No title.
- No key.
- Blue.

In my head, it's a Benly 150 Super Sport (200cc, 16hp, 80mph).
We'll see...