SHORT FILM: The Dream Roll 2016

August 12-14, 2016
Mt. Adams, Washington

Women's Only Ride / Camp-out

Plans are being formulated between the girls here about getting out to Dream Roll this year. Us boys may tag along and have our own fun in the PNW that week. I've been meaning to get back out there on a bike for a while now. Here's a great short film from last year's event, put together by Brigade Visual Support. 

EVENT: Ural Motorcycles X Camp Wandawega Bike Rally

Weekend Retreat & Bike Rally

Photos: Jun Song

Canoeing, archery, bonfires, stick-poke tattooing, flaming velocity stacks and tumbling Ural's. The nostalgic camp vibes of the Wandawega resort get a bit muddled when you invite some "industry professionals" of today's custom motorcycle scene, but David and Tereasa (owners) knew exactly what they were doing. It's not as though this camp had a pristine track record to begin with. The Wandawega Hotel was originally built in the early 20's during prohibition, outfitted for liquor distribution, prostitution and gambling.
"We’re talking multiple exits, trapdoors and hidden hatches to conceal stockpiles."- Wandawega 
The couple has gone to great lengths to restore the luster of the original hotel, from resurrecting buildings seen in vintage camp photos to period-correct soaps and government issued towels in every room.  
The rally centered around the delivery of the Wandawega tailored Ural Sportsman sidecar rig. The new bike rocks a custom tractor seat with matching canopy, custom mixed satin-metallic green paint, black out kit, rally lights, undercarriage coating etc. etc. Basically it's decked out for campground thrashing, within which is a 2 mile dirt trail through the woods. Ural also sent over resident expert David Wayne George to teach us about the dynamics of piloting a sidecar on and off-road... and on two-wheels with a passenger.
Kara and I felt honored to be part of the event and tried to soak up as much as possible; which meant staking out the tree house and its booze hoist (repurposed) until 2am while Andie (wizardly Deus employee) read us passages from a late 1800's book on elementary arithmetic. We had a lot of fun. In the end, the motorcycle which the weekend was centered around became the vehicle for memories and good times with friends old and new.

COME PARTY: DreamONE50 Unveil, Deus Chicago Romp, Una Maes Party...Motorcycles and Free Drinks. No Brainer.

It's going down tomorrow! Honda DreamONE50 unveiling, Deus sponsored ride around Chicago, Party at Una Maes with free beer and giveaways! What else do you want? 
...for it not to rain? Yea, sure, but Metric Coffee will be there to dole out enough caffeine to make you mentally impervious to sky water so we've got you covered. 

EVENT: Saturnalia Gallery Event - Norwich, UK

Here's a sweet event for you UK folks (blokes?) put on by Old Empire Motorcycles:

"The event is called ‘Saturnalia’ and the fundamentals behind it are simply to showcase the huge diversity of art and to take visitors back to the foundations upon which every art form is based; imagination and creation. The goal is to broaden peoples horizons on what interests them as well as showing the satisfaction gained by making something with your hands, which sadly seems to be a dying skill in the computer and internet age."
It's free admission and currently a non profit event to showcase local, both young and old photographers, painters, designers, musicians, bicycle builders, clothes designer, motorcycle builders and many more. Some of the current exhibitors are the likes of SideBurn and Davida, as we are trying to retain a motorcycle theme about the whole event although it is not essential."

Click the banner for more info.