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ART&DESIGN: Illustrations by Stayano

Motorcycle Illustrations
by Stayano

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

DREAMONE50: The Full Shoot by Patrick Daly

The DreamONE50
1962 Honda CA95

Photography: Patrick Daly

Starting it's life in our hands as a 00078 mile barn find we had a blast redesigning and rebuilding every system of this bike from the ground up. She's now on her way to her local Chicago owner. It was hard to hand off our first customer build but knowing it won't be too far away makes it easier. 
You can flip through the progression from the Day 1 barn pull up until the finished product here: DreamONE50

Here's a Full Resolution shot for your desktop! Download
Details & Specs
Custom seat pan
Custom upholstered side bags, seat, knee pads and hand grips
Fully rebuilt motor
Custom rear luggage rack
New wiring harness
NGK Racing spark plug wires
NGK Racing spark plugs
Shorai Lithium 6V battery
Nikko 6V horn
12V USB phone charging cable routed into side bag
Modern rectifier by Oregon Motorycle Parts
Prism Moto Co. LED tail lights wired up as run/stop/turn signals
16x2.50" MikeXS rims with stainless spokes
100/90-16 Kenda K761 tires F+R
EBC brake shoes
K&N Pod Air Filter
NOS front shocks
RFY external resevoir rear shocks
EMGO Superbike handlebars
CNC Aluminum bar end mirrors
Custom exhaust pipes
NOS louvered Honda exhaust baffles
Vertical mount license plate bracket
All chrome parts stripped, nickel plated and brushed 

Monday, October 13, 2014

SHORTFILM: On CultRunner

Earlier in the year I had the chance to hang with the guys from Cult Runner. Here's a video they shot at the studio back when it was a few months fresh. These guys are doing a great job highlighting creatives from the Chicago area who are working on some inspiring projects. Go check out the rest of their videos at the link above.

...disregard that I call my company DRAFT StudioS. This was shot before I decided to drop the plural. :) 

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EVENT: The One Moto Show 2015

And the dates are in...

UPDATE: In Case You Were Wondering

DAILY INSPIRATION: The 47 Ronin - Ronin Motorworks

The 47 Ronin


With the foundation of a Buell 1125RS and over 5 years of development Ronin Motorworks will be hand building a small production line of this exact bike. The name Ronin was derived from the ancient Japanese tale of a group of 47 Samurai who were left leaderless (becoming Ronin) after their feudal lord was compelled to commit ritual suicide. As homage to the tale only 47 Ronin will be built, then production will cease.  

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

DREAMONE50: Now Live On BikeEXIF!

The DreamONE50 build is now live on BikeEXIF!
This marks the first build under my new company, DRAFT Studio

Check out the feature here:

Photo by Patrick Daly